Finding Your Voice

Audio Elements Every Office Meeting Space Needs

Every business needs a meeting space, whether it's for team building gatherings or for discussing possible ventures with new clients. In terms of function, an important element for these spaces is a good audio system design for everything from presentations to supporting conference calls. Discover some audio elements you should include in your design plans.

Speaker System

Without a doubt, you need to include a speaker system in the room. Particularly when it comes to video or digital presentations, it's important that every person in the room be able to hear the important information discussed. The speaker systems built into television and computer systems aren't always loud enough and often lack clarity. A stand-alone speaker system can deliver crisp and even sound throughout the room. An in-ceiling speaker system is ideal for a cleaner look. 

Bluetooth Capability

Ensure you include audio systems that include Bluetooth functionality. Meeting spaces should be versatile in terms of what they can accommodate. For example, maybe you have a client on your cellphone and need the entire room to hear the conversation. With an audio system with Bluetooth technology, you can connect your smartphone to the speaker system so that the conversation can be broadcasted throughout the room. With this level of versatility, the space is even more functional. 

Microphone System

It's also a great idea to include a microphone system inside the room. Microphone systems are great for projecting sound throughout the entire room, as well as creating a more professional experience when it comes to your client presentations. Microphone systems can be installed as a portable, table-top microphone or installed in the ceiling or a podium for a more clean or distinct look. However, for more flexibility, a wireless microphone is great. 

Control Panel

Include an audio control panel as part of your plans. The control panel will serve as the heart of the room and bring all your features together. With many of these control panels, you can do everything from control the volume to connect devices to the room's audio system via Bluetooth to turn on and off specific features in the room. A control panel is an incredibly valuable and convenient tool.

No matter how you use your meeting space, there is no question that a good audio system will enhance the room. To learn more about the benefits of the above-mentioned features and some of the additional elements you can include in the space, contact your local audio design services.