Finding Your Voice

Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Making A Commercial

Are you looking to create your very first commercial to advertise your local business? This is likely a job that is too difficult to take on by yourself and requires the help of professional video production services to handle it for you. When working with professionals like these, it helps to know what common mistakes you can avoid making so that everything goes smoothly.

Not Providing A Complete Script

It will help to go to your video production company with a script when you start off the process. This is not necessarily the final script, since it can always be refined throughout the process and improved upon. However, a rough draft of a script is necessary so that the video production company knows the scope of what type of video you want to make. A script helps with creating an estimate, since the producers will know what kind of video you have in mind. A common mistake made is not giving a complete script during the bidding process. Many people will write out the scripted lines that they want the talent to say on screen, but nothing about the visuals that go along with them.

It will help to use a two column script format when creating the initial script. Have one column that describes the audio aspects, which includes dialogue and sound effects. The other column should be for visual aspects, which includes graphics, location changes, and notes about camera movement. Every audio element should be accompanied by a visual description to paint a complete picture of your vision for the commercial.

Not Providing References

While your idea should be completely original for your commercial, it helps to have references that you can provide to give insight about the style that you like for your commercial. Don't be afraid to give the production company links to videos that inspire you so that they have a better idea of what you are trying to achieve.

For example, you may really like how a competing company had the phone number placed along the bottom of the screen throughout the entire video. For music, it can help to provide a popular music track that you really like as a reference for what you want in the video. You likely won't be able to afford to license the track you picked, but the video production company will be able to search stock music websites for something that sounds similar.